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publication-3-cropped-600If you go to your doctor for your annual physical, what do you expect?

  • height and weight check

  • blood pressure reading

  • auscultate (listen to) heart sounds with a stethoscope

  • maybe auscultate the lung fields

  • review prescription medications

  • blood and urine test



Then we wait for the lab reports and the “thumbs up” from the doctor saying, “your in GOOD HEALTH!”

Twelve (or more) months go by and we repeat the same process. Does it seem like something is missing?



I’ll give you a hint:

How does your doctor know if you’re in good health? Does he or she base conclusions on heart sounds, blood pressure, and lab values? Is this really all it takes to know if you’re in “GOOD HEALTH?”


If this same patient was taking 2-3 prescriptions, not exercising, eating poorly and maintaining high levels of stress, would you really believe…

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