15 Awesome Health Goals Which Anyone Can Keep


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Hello Everyone!

Can I just say the Queen of Awesomeness wishes you all an Awesome New Year 😁

And yup we are in that time of year where, everyone is rushing, trying to organize their life, ready to complete their New Years Resolution determined to finally keep them, however, hard that may be. But sometimes harder than keeping one is creating one suitable in the first place. Stuck for ideas? Here are a few New Years Resolutions.

  1. To love my body regardless of its body type, its current mass etc
  2. To eat five fruits and vegetables a day
  3. To drink more water
  4. To complete more research on the history of medicine, e,g why not research about Hippocrates?😉
  5. To read a self-help book every month
  6. To watch programs which will aid to, my personal growth, and will help me motivate me to become a healthier person, e,g: super size vs super…

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